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Custom Orders/Request a Quote

 If you would like a quote, have questions or would like to order a custom pen please email:  james@millermarkpens.com

If you want us to use a material that you furnish ( old tobacco stick, tree limb etc...) It must be at least 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch x 6 inch long in order to make one pen.   


Ideas for Custom Pen Materials:

*Grandpa's old tomato sticks used in the garden

*Grapevines from your family's vineyard or old home place

*Corn Cobs from last year's garden or Grandpa's corn crib

*Board from Grandma's old house, shed or barn

*Deer antler from Junior's first hunting trip

*Tree limb of your favorite old tree

*Other materials from trips around the world/family vacations

*Exotic woods from your lumber/hardwood floor business

*Plank from a boat, boat dock or favorite fishing pier

*Tree limb from Grandma's old oak tree