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 Grapevine pen set & Display

A, one-of-a-kind, custom pen set created from a grapevine. This unique, handcrafted, set demonstrates a rustic yet fully functional work of art that can be treasured for years to come.  It is the "personal stories" behind each Millermark Pens creation that inspires my work.


     These pens were specially made for the farmer who gave the Burly Maple tree to me for pen-turning.  His Grandfather & Grandmother owned the land, before him, where the tree once stood for many, many years.  The farmer was planning to use the tree for some good firewood but kindly allowed me to harvest the wood for turning into these fine Millermark Pens.  If interested in pens made from this tree you may email or fill out the "Custom Order" section on the website.

      These Millermark Pens were hand-turned from an Extremely  Burly Maple tree.  The Euro style pen, resting in the burly pen display, is set in chrome hardware.  The Cigar style is resting on a chunk of the burl and is set in chrome hardware as well.  Notice the wonderful contrast between the colors of light and dark browns, separated by prominent black lines. 

 30 Caliber Bolt Action set in Wormy Oak.  Hunters love these Millermark Pens!